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If you have a physical or online store and would like to stock any of our products, we'd be delighted to hear from you! We have a minimum order requirement of $250 so you can try a range of our products and see what works best with your customers. 


For online stores, we require an ABN and a commercial website with a domain that reflects your business. We do not allow selling through third party platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, eBay, Amazon etc., however the marketing of products on social media platforms is perfectly acceptable and actively encouraged.

It is expected that you maintain the recommended retail price of the products (except for specially identified promotional activities) and, although we are not by law allowed to control the price at which you sell the products, we do reserve the right not to supply if it is clear that regular discounting is taking place. 


We will always provide you with as much information and marketing material about new products so that you can successfully promote them in your stores.

Apply for a wholesale login here.


Things You Need to Know

As we represent a few of our brands exclusively in Australia and New Zealand, we endeavour to ensure that no new reseller location will cause obvious geographical conflicts with other physical stores that have already established themselves in a similar market and are regular purchasers of our brands.

As a general rule, any customer that is purchasing approximately $1,000 monthly of an exclusive brand across the entire brand product range is deemed to be making significant enough commitment to the brand to have earned geographic exclusivity in their shop category (baby, homewares, gifts, etc) assuming that the brand has not required universal availability as part of our working relationship.


Once you have been approved as a reseller in a particular area/category you can expect the same courtesy to be extended to you. In the event that you do not feel able to commit to a particular part of the product range, this will be deemed non-exclusive and this part of the range may be offered to another reseller in your geographic area.


In the event that a reseller for an exclusive brand does not meet the minimum monthly purchase requirements to retain geographic exclusivity, this exclusivity clause will lapse and we reserve the right to transfer it to another reseller in the area. 

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Geographic Exclusivity
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